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Engineering Design Team
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Wiring Harness Development, Build-to-Print, and PMA Solutions

We engineer harnesses from customer drawings or manufacture custom harnesses based upon your specifications. Supported by a newly expanded facility, Co-Operative Industries' design and manufacturing approach allows for on-time delivery of affordable, quality products. Specializing in environmentally engineered, repairable designs we offer solutions for today’s challenging market.

Engineering Capabilities:

  • Develop to Specification
  • Build-to-Print
  • Develop and Qualify PMA Designs
  • SolidWorks Systems 2007, Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD 2011
  • 60 inch Color HP Plotter
    (1:1 Scale Engineering Drawings)
  • Project Engineering
  • Customer Oriented

The diversity of the products manufactured at our facility has allowed us to develop interconnects with improved engineering, taking advantage of current high-tech advances in materials. Co-Operative Industries can address many of the historical areas of concern in our industry.

For instance, we have developed a highly moisture resistant, light weight, EMI protected harness assembly using our in-house manufactured PTFE conduit braided with a NiCu EMI braid followed with a Nomex® or PEEK chafe guard. This style harness preserves the integrity of the electrical circuit while maintaining durability and reducing weight. In addition, state-of-the-art automatic test equipment is used to electrically test our harnesses, assuring delivery of a quality product to our customers.

For build-to-print customers, we offer value added engineering whereby we can assist in vetting design, material, and/or procedures.

We offer the expertise in one facility to address concerns regarding reliability, quality, and engineering of parts. If you are experiencing concerns with your current design, let us re-engineer a cost effective and reliable solution based upon our years of aerospace experience.


Harness Design & Engineering

Co-Operative Industries is vertically integrated, giving us the ability to build developmental harnesses in a short lead-time and with full in-house control.