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Co-Operative Industries Defense Awarded F-35 Contract
Fort Worth, TX – December 2011 – Co-Operative Industries Defense, LLC has been selected by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to be the first Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business to manufacture a portion of the F-35 electrical wiring harnesses for all derivative aircraft.

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense
Achieves AS9100C Quality Registration

Fort Worth, TX – November 2011 – Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense (CIA&D) has achieved AS9100 Rev C certification, which also incorporates the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, for its Fort Worth facilities.  Receipt of this certification corroborates CIA&D’s Quality Management System (QMS) as applicable to the manufacturing of electrical wire harnesses, ignition leads, industrial metal hose / conduit, PTFE conduit assemblies, and flexible metal conduit assemblies for the aerospace, space, and defense industries. [ Read the Press Release ]

Focus On: Harnesses - Down to the Wire
As Published in Aviation Week's Overhaul & Maintenance's October 2011 issue. Read Kristin Majcher article on aircraft electrical wiring systems and the new tools that are helping maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities. Although airframe manufacturers have taken huge strides to change harness designs to make maintenance easier, challenging repairs remain.
[ Read the Article ]

Congresswoman Kay Granger Visits Facility
August 2011 - Congresswoman Kay Granger had the opportunity to tour and speak with the employees of Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense in Fort Worth. [ Read the Article ]

An Economical Branch Replacement Option
for the CFM56-5B's CJ13 Electrical Harness

July 2011 - Currently, if a T49.5 braided branch assembly of the CJ13 electrical harness experiences damage or failure, it must be discarded and replaced with an entirely new branch assembly. With Co-Operative Industries' FAA approved repair specification, this pricey undertaking can be replaced with a cost effective repair option for damaged braided branch assemblies. [ Read the Article ]

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense Holds Open House
April 6, 2011 - Co-Operative Industries held an open house to celebrate their new wiring harness manufacturing and Repair Station facility.  They had recently purchased expanded facility space in the White Settlement area of Fort Worth. This open house and ribbon cutting was an opportunity to showcase the completed renovations on this 121,000 square feet facility. [ Read the Article ]

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense Expands Manufacturing Capacity
February 2011 - Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense has announced the opening of their new wiring harness manufacturing and Repair Station facility. The newly renovated site allows for improved work flow and long-run, large capacity production of electrical wiring harnesses. [ Read the Press Release ]

Small Businesses Challenge Today's Aerospace Market
As Published in Aircraft Technology's "2011 Engine Yearbook" - Making it in today’s aerospace market can be tough. Even tougher if you are a small business. These small fish in a big pond face many challenges and stiff competition from the major players as everyone battles for a bigger piece of an ever-shrinking pie.  Sam Symonds, President & CEO of Co-Operative Industries, discusses his views on the subject and explains his companies approach to these challenges.
[ Read the complete article ]




“In Recession’s Wake, MRO Survivors Speak”
An excerpt from Aviation Maintenance’s August/September 2010 issue.
Their annual Industry Leader Profiles section throws a spotlight on those key players in the MRO field who survived the great recession of 2009 and are now poised for better days. [ Read the complete article ]

Manufacturing Today Feature Article: A Service Co-Op
Spring 2010 – Sam Symonds, CEO and Vice President of Co-Operative Industries, discusses their core business and reasons for success with Manufacturing Today's Libby John. Republished from Manufacturing Today Spring 2010 issue.
[ Read the complete article ]

CFM56-5 Engine Harness Repairs Now Available Through
Co-Operative Industries Aerospace

November 2009 – Co-Operative Industries Aerospace continues to deepen their customer support commitment with the addition of CFM56-5 wiring harness repair capabilities. The implementation of these CFMI engine wiring harnesses further augments their existing CFM56-7 repair in offering detailed repair options to a worldwide customer base.
[ Read the full press release ]

Challenges Facing Today’s Aerospace Electrical Wiring Harness Manufacturers
As Published in Aircraft Technology's "2010 Engine Yearbook" - Sam Symonds, President and CEO of Co-Operative Industries, describes how his company has responded to challenges and changes within the aviation industry at the manufacturing, MRO and automated testing levels.
[ Read the complete article ]

Co-Operative Industries Receives Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award
June 2009 – Co-Operative Industries announces that it has received the Boeing Performance Excellence Award. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance.
[ Read the full press release ]

Weighing DER vs. CMM Wiring Harness Repairs
By Sam Symonds, President and CEO of Co-Operative Industries Aerospace
Published in May/June 2009 Issue of Connector Specifier

The U.S. commercial aerospace industry has taken a more determined step in the direction of repairing product as opposed to replacing it with new. This is a direct result of how the world has changed. Challenges that began September 11, 2001 have been magnified with the recent energy crisis and economic downturn

[ Read the complete article ]

Co-Operative Industries Expands Manufacturing and Repair Center Facilities
April 2009 - To accommodate new business and to better manage facility resources in anticipation of future growth, Co-Operative Industries has added an additional 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space to its main facility.  This will serve to increase capacity for wiring harness production as well as their FAA/EASA/CAAC certified repair station. [ Read the full press release ]

Ameco Beijing Certifies
Co-Operative Industries for PW4000 QEC Repairs
March 16, 2009 – Co-Operative Industries has been certified by Ameco Beijing for repair services on the PW4000 QEC harnesses. The Ameco quality audit found Co-Op to be compliant with their quality management system and will begin servicing the applicable wiring harness product.




GE Aviation Approves Co-Operative Industries within Supplier Quality System
November 12, 2008 – Co-Operative Industries has successfully satisfied the necessary requirements and is now an approved AS9100 supplier for GE Aviation. As such, Co-Op has proven to be in compliance with S1000 and certified to AS9100 within the GE Aviation Supplier Quality System.

Feature Article: End of the PMA Legitimacy Debate
October - November 2008 (Issue96)
Reprinted courtesy of Aircraft Technology magazine:
The PMA parts industry is in its strongest-ever position, having been boosted by the major deals that have taken place over recent years. With the increasingly urgent need for potential customers to find ways to reduce costs and the FAA’s recent, empathic, stance on the legitimacy of PMA parts, the future is looking rosy. Jason Holland investigates. [ Read the full article ]

Co-Operative Industries Introduces an Improved B757 Lavatory Hose Design
October 2008 – In response to problems experienced by the current design, Co-Operative Industries has introduced an improved Lavatory Supply Hose for use on the Boeing 757-200. The new FAA PMA approved design features improved strength and flexibility along with corrosion resistant fittings and collars. The improved lavatory hose is also resistant to heat, abrasion, kinking, chlorines, and repeated freezing.
[ Read the press release ]

Co-Operative Industries receives Raytheon Approved Supplier Status
October 2008 - Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems of Garland, Texas and Raytheon Network Centric Systems of Plano, Texas have added Co-Operative Industries to their Approved Supplier List (APL).

Sichuan Snecma Approves Co-Operative Industries' CAAC / EASA Certified Repair Station as a Category 1 Subcontractor
August 8, 2008 - Sichuan Snecma Aero Engine Maintenance Co., Ltd. has approved Co-Operative Industries' Repair Station as a Category 1 Supplier for harness repairs. Co-Op satisfied the SSAMC Quality System requirements based upon Sichuan Snecma's quality audit.

Gulfstream Aerospace Awards Supplier Approval Status
to Co-Operative Industries
July 19 , 2008 - Following review by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation's Quality Assurance, Co-Operative Industries Quality Systems was recognized as meeting the required Gulfstream standards. As such, Supplier Approval has been awarded and Co-Operative Industries will supply wiring harnesses and kits to the Gulfstream organization.

Co-Operative Industries to Develop and Supply WheelTug Wire Harnesses
April 9, 2008 - WheelTug Limited announces that it has selected Co-Operative Industries Aerospace to supply the wire harnesses for the WheelTug system for moving aircraft on the ground. The contract is expected to extend through the lifetime of the WheelTug 737NG system.
[ Read the press release ]

Delta Air Lines Recognizes Co-Op PMC Harness Advantage
January 2008 - Delta's Engineering Maintenance has opted to install Co-Operative Industries FAA PMA approved CF6 PMC harnesses in lieu of the OEM's. This decision was based upon the improved reliability and repairability the Co-Op design.
[Read Delta's Letter of Appreciation]
[View the PMC Harness Information Sheet]

The MARPA Report:
PMA Makes Great Strides for an Industry in Need
January 2008 - There’s no such thing as something for nothing. But sometimes, you can get more than you ever expected out of a bargain. PMA parts are a great example. Read the 'Aviation Today' article and Co-Operative Industries CEO's comments on the subject of PMAs.




GE-Aviation Awards System Approval
May 2007 - Co-Operative Industries satisfied GE-Aviation's Supplier Quality System requirements and is considered an approved AS9100 supplier.

Co-Operative Industries Defense – A Newly Formed Service
Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

May 2007 - Co-Operative Industries Defense, LLC is a newly formed Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business supporting the aerospace and defense industry. The group will specialize in serving Prime Contractors of government military programs; helping them meet their government contract commitments by supplying wiring harnesses and flexible conduits.
[ Read the press release ]

Co-Operative Industries Aerospace Adds Program Manager
for Improved Customer Service

April 2007 - Brad Van Dyke joins Co-Operative Industries Aerospace as Program Manager of Business Development. In this key position Brad will act as the primary point of customer contact as well as being the internal focal point for product development and production.
[ Read the press release ]

CF6-80 Wiring Harness Warranty has been Extended
March 2007 - Co-Operative Industries is extending the warranty period of their PMC Wiring Harnesses that are used on the CF6-80A/A2 and –80C2 engines. Due to the excellent performance and proven field reliability of this PMA design, the warranty schedule will be increased from two years (or 6,000 engine operating hours) to four years (or 10,000 engine operating hours).
[ Read the press release ]

GE Engine Services Supplier Approval
March 2007 - GE-Aviation approved and declared Co-Operative Industries' compliant to the GE Engine Services Supplier Quality system specifications.

Aircraft Braking Systems Quality Approval
November 2006 - The Procured Quality Assurance Department of Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation, Akron OH, has approved Co-Operative Industries' quality system for supplying aerospace wiring harnesses and components.

Wiring Matters: An Overview of the Aircraft Wiring Issue
from Aviation Maintenance, August 2006
The potential hazard posed by bad aircraft wiring has generated a tremendous amount of activity in the industry. Some operators now treat wiring as a system, meriting attention during maintenance equivalent to the black boxes and other electrical components to which the wire is attached. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposal for fleet wide inspection of wiring in zones containing combustable materials or wiring within two inches of hydraulic, mechanical or electric flight controls could well involve a whole new - albeit necessary - burden on aircraft maintainers.
[ Read the complete article ]

Contractor Authorization from Ameco Beijing
July 2006 - Ameco Beijing has certified Co-Operative Industries as complying with their quality management system and are now authorized to accomplish maintenance functions for their PW4000 nacelle harnesses.

Approved Supplier for P&W Global Services Partners
March 2006 - Having met the supplier quality system requirements,
Pratt & Whitney Global Services Partners certified Co-Operative
Industries as an approved Supplier / Sub-Contractor.

Aloha Airlines Awards Approved Vendor Status
February 2006 - Co-Operative Industries' Repair Station met the audit requirements and was listed as an approved vendor for repair services to Aloha Airlines, Hon HI.




Repair Station Receives CAAC Approval
November, 2005 - Co-Operative Industries has received certification
from the Civil Aviation Authority of China to overhaul and repair
electrical wiring harness accessories for airline and overhaul centers
operating under Chinese authority.
[ Read the press release ]

Co-Operative Industries Receives JSF Rework/Repair Contract
August 2005 - Lockheed Martin Corporation awarded Co-Operative Industries Aerospace with the Wire Harness Rework/Repair contract for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) System design and Development (SDD) program. The focus of the program is to develop, demonstrate, test, produce and deliver an affordable Aircraft Weapons System by meeting USAF, USMC, USN, and UK service requirements.

Co-Op Receives Supplier Award from Wesco Aircraft
June 2, 2005 - In recognition of commitment to quality, Wesco Aircraft
awarded Approved Supplier Status to Co-Operative Industries.

Co-Operative Industries and McKechnie Aerospace Partner for PMA Development
January, 2005: Contracts were finalized and signed making the McKechnie Aerospace Aftermarket Group the authorized distributor for CF6-80A/C Power Management Control (PMC) Wire Harnesses manufactured by Co-Operative
[click here to read the press release]

AS9100 and ISO9001:2000 Registered
On March 22, 2004 Co-Operative Industries received our Certificate of Registration for the new AS9100 and ISO9001:2000 standards.

Boeing Quality System Approval Recognition
(Ref: D6-82479 Appendix A)
Having satisfied the necessary requirements, The Boeing Company has given Approved Recognition to Co-Op's Quality System. This signifies Boeing's confidence in Co-Operative Industries as an approved "Dock-to-Stock" supplier.

Rolls-Royce 9000:SABRe
Co-Op receives 2004 approval from Rolls-Royce for their 9000:SABRe Supplier Quality System.